The soil laboratory of Agrochemicals of Crete s.a., was founded in 1998, with the support and guidance of the Technological Institute of Crete. The main purpose of the laboratory was to satisfy the needs of the company’s customers for innovative solutions in technical support. In coherence to the company’s aim to excellence, an investment in top quality equipment was made. Today, the laboratory’s equipment includes amongst others,

AAS and UV-VIS spectrophotometer (Sherwood), and Kjeldahl distillator (Gerhard). Strict international protocols and approved methodologies are in force and followed be the staff, as to ensure that the highest quality standards are always achieved.

The laboratory of Agrochemicals of Crete s.a. is therefore in a position to offer accurate and reliable analysis results that respond to the whole spectrum of plants nutrition (soil, leaves, water). In addition to that, specialized nutrition proposals are also offered for all crops and growth stages.

Nowadays that increased production yields, lower production cost are more than ever in demand, the farmer is forced to be in constant search for new methods and products. Agrochemicals of Crete s.a are present to that demand and with its specialized laboratory are able to offer full support to the needs of today’s farmers.

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