Liquid Fertilizers


A liquid Boron fertilizer in ethanolamine form, for the prevention and treatment of boron deficiencies. When applied to vine, plant growth and fruit set is improved and the problem of small and wrinkled grapes is minimized. When applied to olive trees, loss of production and deformation during plant development are prevented.

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Suelo Calicum is a liquid fertilizer for prevention and treatment of Calcium and Boron deficiencies. It contains amino acids as well as organic acids and is suitable for all crops. Its use prevents production loss and quality degradation.

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A liquid gluconic copper fertilizer, in gluconate form designed for the prevention and treatment of copper deficiencies. The absorption rate of SUELO Cu is excellent from both the leaves and cortex of the plant. It has light intersystemical action and is not affected by rain, therefore stimulating plant’s resistance against fungi such us Oidium, Phytopthora, Cycloconium etc..

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A liquid potassium fertilizer containing EDTA chelating agent. Potassium availability is promoted by the presence of EDTA, resulting in increased saccharites and therefore early ripening of fruits. It is particularly effective in horticulture and vines.

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A liquid fertilizer containing trace elements, titanium and cobalt. Recommended for crops prone to trace element deficiencies. The catalytic action of Titanium and Cobalt on the photosynthetic cycle, results in increased carbohydrate production by the plant.

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